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Blue Backdrops

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Our blue backdrops are the largest single color collection in our catalog. Without a doubt one of the most popular colors par excellence. They say that it is usually one of people’s favorite colors, and we are a big fan of them: they evoke the ocean, the sea or the sky, from lighter to darker luminosity and more bluish or greenish hue. They offer you multiple results depending on how you take your photos, the lighting you use and the product you photograph. They give a lot to play with. We invite you to try them. You will love it! Blue backdrops are not common textures that you can easily find in any home or restaurant and this also makes them very special.

Why choose our collection of Blue Backdrops

Blue being the most popular cool color is an excellent option to add to your collection of photographic backdrops. They can be used in contrast to warm colors or in harmony with other cool colors. A basic food photo would be to use a blue backdrop to portray a loaf of bread. The warm bread and the cold blue backdrop will most certainly result in a armonios photo.

What do our customers say


The products/surfaces themselves are AMAZING! Now I understand why everyone loves them! They look super beautiful and, as they are your own photographs (some of them are your own DIY backdrops!), they are unique.

I am already planning my next order with them. 5 stars well deserved!


Fantastic backdrop and excellent service. I bought the backdrops from them by courier to Australia and they arrived in five days. They are beautiful, clean up great and store quickly.


We have received our backdrops and they are great! We love them so we will be ordering more soon. We are hooked! This is like with Pokemon, you have to get them all hehehe.
We’ll be in touch! Congrats on your work!

Frequently Asked questions about Blue Backdrops

Are they flexible?

Yes, and in fact they will arrive rolled up in a tube that you can use to store them again once you’ve finished your photo shoot.

Are they Waterproof ?

All of them! Water, wine, juice, oils and sauces. We have tried them all and they leave no trace. We always recommend responsible use and appeal to common sense.

Do you sell your backdrops in my country?

Probably! Write to us if you have any doubts. You can also check our shipping policy, which is sure to be on the list of countries we ship to.

Do you make them?

Our photographic backdrops are 100% made by us with a lot of love and care.

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Can we help you?

Do not hesitate to contact us for any collaboration, project or doubts you may have, we will be delighted to help you.

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