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Dark Backdrops

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Give your photos an elegant touch with our collection of dark backdrops for photographers. Carefully chosen to provide a unique and original setting. A great option for photography professionals! These photography backdrops can be used for types of dramatic lighting such as Rembrandt lighting or Hollywood lighting. They have textures ranging from dark stone, dark wood, dark paint. Dark backdrops are used to create dark scenes in which the subject is immersed in shadows, and partially lit. The amount and the way the subject is lit can make the backdrops more or less noticeable. What we can guarantee is that whatever the amount of backdrops is seen in the photo, it will look incredible.

Why choose our collection of Dark Backdrops

Dark backdrops for food photography are ideal. They can be used with dark props for a harmonic combination or with light props for contrast. In this category we combine all the textures, tones and dark colors. If you are looking for a dark and moody photography this is your place. Our dark photo backdrops are matte. This means that they reflect the minimum so that you do not get reflections in your photos.

What do our customers say


How cool they look, I’ve been busy all afternoon….


I’m super happy, I expected them to be beautiful, but they are still much more and of a very good quality! I can’t wait to take photos with them!

Thank you very much ❤️


I’m in love with your backdrops, I’ve even been telling my friends about them both in the US and here. ❤️ Lol

Frequently Asked questions about Dark Backdrops

Are they big?

Small backdrops are ideal for use in any situation, whether it’s a photo shoot at home, in the studio or on location, while larger backgrounds are primarily intended for studio photography.

Are they small?

The smallest backdrops we have is an ideal size and can really be used in almost any situation for food or product photography.

How much do they cost?

The 60 x 90 cm backdrop costs 29.90 € and the 80 x 120 cm backdrop costs 49.90 €.

Are they expensive or cheap?

Our backdrops are not the cheapest on the market, but they are cheap for the quality we offer. They are affordably priced so you can have a collection of many backdrops and never be short of new textures for your photo shoots.

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