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Grey Backdrops

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Our grey backdrops are the most neutral of all. There is nothing more successful than a color as neutral as grey. You will see that we offer different shades, from lighter to darker. They work perfect if your product is colorful and you just want to give your photo some texture. Without a doubt, they are one of the easiest backdrops to use, since they stick with everything and are very grateful. If you have questions about which backdrops to choose, you can contact us. We will be happy to advise you. For now, we will tell you that if you are looking for easy backdrops to photograph, grey backdrops are probably your collection to start with. They all pair well with each other and can be used in two-fund combos. One for the base and one for the wall. This trick is great for 45º photos. Especially in food photography.

Grey backdrops are the easiest to use because they are the most neutral out there. They are neutral in luminosity, tone and saturation. In food photography they work amazing to bring out vivid colors of food. They can be used with light and bright or dark and moody lighting set ups. And they work well with lots of props. Some greys are cooler and some are warmer. You have quite a variety to choose from!

What do our customers say


Very happy with the product. Super easy to clean material and very good results.

I highly recommend it and will definitely order again soon!


Good quality backdrops, waterproof material, very good size. I loved them.


As a nutritionist I take a lot of photos and videos of dishes to post on social media and I am very happy with my purchase.

Frequently Asked questions about Grey Backdrops

What is the material of the backdrops?

The material is a high quality plastic foil to ensure that they last for a long time in optimal conditions.

Are they light?

They are designed to be transported comfortably. We bring between 10 to 15 backdrops to our on location sessions.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, and other non-abrasive liquids. We believe that a photographic backdrop has to be able to withstand a gastronomic photography session without any problems.

Are they flexible?

Yes, and in fact they will arrive rolled up in a tube that you can use to store them again once you’ve finished your photo shoot.

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