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Hand Painted Backdrops

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These hand-painted backdrops are very special to us, since all the designs that you will see have been painted during the quarantine period. You can see on our Instagram some videos where you will see us painting them at home. We have put all our love and attention to detail, making them as original as possible. Once painted, we have photographed them with the highest possible resolution so that when printed on our plastic material, they can have all the detail of the original art. Try our designs and don’t hesitate to tell us which hand painted backdrops you would like to have in your collection!

Why choose our collection of Hand Painted Backdrops

Our hand painted backdrops are designs that we have created ourselves for our photo backdrops. They are designs specifically thought for gastronomic and product photography. They are designs of photographic quality and a lot of realism so that all the details can be appreciated. The color and textures of the photography backdrops is ideal for your sessions to gain a lot of personality and be unique. Several of our best-selling photo backdrop designs are within this collection.

What do our customers say


I bought 3 and I am delighted. The photos look so much better and, if they get stained, it’s easy to clean.


Good quality backdrops, waterproof material, very good size. I loved them.


Very high quality products. They have a wide variety of colours and textures and you can easily take them anywhere.

Frequently Asked questions about Hand Painted Backdrops

Who are you?

We are Sara and Manuel, two photographers in love with quality, aesthetics, ideas and creativity. We have our gastronomic photography studio and our online shop of photographic backgrounds. We have a kitten. We love food and food photography. On second thought, the kitty has us. She owns everything. Actually, we work for her. Her name is Lula.

What is the material finish?

The material we use has a matt finish to ensure the minimum of glare on our backdrops.

Are they easy to clean?

Our photographic backdrops are easy to clean with a damp cloth. If a more thorough cleaning is required, use a glass cleaning spray and a damp cloth. Finally, dry thoroughly with kitchen paper.

Do you ship to my country?

We hope so! We have already shipped to more than 35 countries and the list is growing every day. In principle, we ship worldwide.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for any collaboration, project or doubts you may have, we will be delighted to help you.

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