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Marble Backdrops

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Marble backdrops are one of the most requested in our store. Marble is a wonderful texture that gives your photos status. Instead of a marble countertop, you can now have a photography backdrop that will hold the lemon, vinegar, and whatever you want. And they have impressive realism. The marble texture of our photography backdrops is of the highest quality. They are also especially useful for on-location photography. It is difficult to find a restaurant or other type of location that has a ready marble slab that you can start taking your photos on. And the marble weighs too much to carry it to the sessions. This is why they are incredibly useful, as well as beautiful.

Why choose our collection of Marble Backdrops?

Marble backdrops are perfect for food photography as it is one of the most sought after textures in kitchens and dining rooms. Now you can create your own collection of marble photographic backdrops for an affordable price.

What do our customers say


Very happy with the product. Super easy to clean material and very good results.

I highly recommend it and will definitely order again soon!


As a nutritionist I take a lot of photos and videos of dishes to post on social media and I am very happy with my purchase.


Fantastic backdrop and excellent service. I bought the backdrops from them by courier to Australia and they arrived in five days. They are beautiful, clean up great and store quickly.

Frequently Asked questions about Marble Backdrops

Are you photographers?

Yes! We have extensive experience and training in photography, creative and art direction. Did you know that Sara and Manuel met through the University of the Arts London?  ❤️

Are they handmade?

We have a whole collection of our own hand-painted backdrops – take a look!

Are they of good quality?

Our material is tested by a worldwide community of food photographers. It is the best quality material to ensure a highly photo-realistic print that can be easily cleaned and stored and will last a long time in optimal conditions, for an affordable price.

Do you make them?

Our photographic backdrops are 100% made by us with a lot of love and care.

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