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Neutral Backdrops (Tone)

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Our neutral-tone backdrops are what are neither too warm nor too cold. They are designed in shades that do not have too much prominence, precisely so that your product can stand out above all else. These backdrops are gray of various luminosities. They can be combined perfectly and put a backdrop of neutral tonality as a base and another as a wall. This combination can be done with similar luminosities to create a harmonious look. Or, it can be done with a lighter backdrop and a darker backdrop to create a contrasting scene. It is good to play with these neutral-tone backdrops and try different scenes with different textures since they combine perfectly between all of them.

Why choose our collection of Neutral Tone Backdrops

Our collection of neutral-tone backdrops is one of the easiest to combine. It’s great for building your own collection of photo backdrops. Choose as many as you want! It is impossible to go wrong.

What do our customers say


I bought 3 and I am delighted. The photos look so much better and, if they get stained, it’s easy to clean.


Absolutely stunning and beautiful backdrops. Although with the current COVID situation, the delivery is really fast, I will definitely order again!


Very happy with the product. Super easy to clean material and very good results.

I highly recommend it and will definitely order again soon!

Frequently Asked questions about Neutral Backdrops (Tone)

Are they easy to store?

They can be stored rolled up in the shipping tube, flat in a folder and also in a film cabinet.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, and other non-abrasive liquids. We believe that a photographic backdrop has to be able to withstand a gastronomic photography session without any problems.

What is the material finish?

The material we use has a matt finish to ensure the minimum of glare on our backdrops.

Do you make them?

Our photographic backdrops are 100% made by us with a lot of love and care.

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