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Endurance Test: Photographic Backdrops

We put our backdrops to the test with all kinds of liquids. Will they resist?

We receive many questions about the resistance of our backdrops to liquids in general. The truth is that we knew that they were resistant to water, but… What about other liquids?

We have nothing against our Tudor fund, the truth is that we love it, but it has become our guinea pig in a test that we have been wanting to do for a long time: we are going to test it by pouring up to 15 different liquids. We are doing this because we want to gather as much information as possible about the care of our funds, so we can inform you in a more efficient way.

The test consisted of applying 15 liquids, from less to more aggressive. After applying them, we let them all stand for 30 minutes in the backdrop, to remove the liquids with a damp cloth with water and we took pictures of before and after, and recorded a small stop motion for you to see the process, we know you like it 🙂

Let’s get started!


As we had expected, our backdrops are water-resistant. Test passed, good!


The milk dried rather quickly, remaining as a somewhat sticky substance, but it came out with water without any problem. Test passed, good!


The oil, as its name suggests, left the surface oily, so I had to rinse the tissue and give it again to complain it well. However, it didn’t do any damage to the backdrop. Test passed, good!


We thought that since it contains theine, it could be a substance that stains the surface, so we wanted to test it as well. We left the tea bag on top for a few minutes just out of the cup with boiling water (I thought it might melt slightly…) Nothing! Everything ok, no marks. Test passed, good!


As with tea, we thought that coffee could leave a mark because of the caffeine…. Well, no! Surprise! We didn’t notice any difference. Test passed, good!


As sticky as it is, the honey left the backdrop very sticky, so I had to rinse the cloth a couple of times to get it clean, but it didn’t leave a mark either. Test passed, good!


Normally it is a product that stains beautifully, like red wine. To our surprise, it didn’t leave any marks either. Test passed, good!


Maybe it wouldn’t be the norm, but why not? We didn’t have any problems either, test passed, good!


We thought it would pass the test, since we have also used it on occasion. Well, it did pass! However, we recommend applying it directly to the cloth. It is a very dense substance and we also had to give it a couple of passes to remove it completely.


We knew it would work, since it’s what we normally use to clean our backdrops, so, yay! It passed the test, yay!


Warning: We are entering stony ground: Although it is not visible in the photo, the cleaning vinegar did leave a mark that is perceptible against the light. We do not recommend using it to clean our backdrops. Test NOT passed!


The alcohol evaporated right away, although we poured it twice during the more than 30 minutes it was in the backdrop. Perhaps a splash would not be a problem and would not leave a mark. However, we do not recommend it at all for cleaning our backdrops- test NOT passed!


This was the big surprise of the whole experiment. We took for granted that we could clean our bottoms with these products, however we didn’t imagine that they could be so strong and abrasive! In this case we have used KH-7, maybe some other brand is not so strong, but just in case, we prefer not to recommend you to clean it with this. Test NOT passed!


Well, no surprise there, right? It was instantaneous: we applied a few drops of solvent with a cotton swab, and it immediately ate the ink. On the other hand, it was tempting not to pour any more and see the texture it leaves haha. Definitely do NOT apply solvent to our backdrops, test NOT passed!


Well… it was intended to be a droplet of nothing… but the bottle played a trick on us, oops! No surprise either, but please don’t use acetone on our backdrops, it will ruin it instantly! Test NOT passed!

Here are a couple of before and after photos and a stop motion of the whole process:


In general, we recommend cleaning them with a cloth and water or glass cleaner, this is what we have found to be the most efficient.

After this test, we have been surprised at how resistant these backdrops are. However, we recommend to be patient when cleaning and not to exert too much pressure on them. It is better to wipe several times with a soft cloth rather than rubbing sharply, as you can scratch them and take some of the ink with you.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to write to us!

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